Writessays.net Tips: How to Write Quick Essays

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When it comes to academic writing, college students face one major problem: lack of time. With so many projects to cover by a strict deadline, you have to write quickly and you know it.

The problem is: all of these papers take time to research and complete. So is there a more efficient way to write essays?

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www.writessays.net Tips: Quick Ways to Write Essays

If you want to know how to write an essay fast, there’s something you should know first: this is a process that requires great commitment. You’re aiming to compress few days of work into few hours. So you better be ready to do that.

       First, you must conduct proper research. A good-quality paper must be based on authoritative resources. Limit the timeframe for this process to half an hour. You’ll use Google Scholar to locate relevant data that would look good in the paper. You don’t have to read the entire studies or articles. Just read the parts that are relevant for your topic. Keep track of the sources. You’ll have to reference them later.

       Write the outline. Yes; you have to do it. No; it won’t waste your time. On the contrary – it will save you time. Just formulate your thesis statement and build the outline around it. It will take another half an hour. The outline basically tells you how to write a 5 paragraph essay:

        Plan how you’ll introduce the topic and present the thesis statement at the end of the introduction.

        Plan what points you’ll cover in the three body paragraphs.

        Note down the ideas for the conclusion, which will restate the thesis statement and connect the loose ends to a logical ending.

       Once you have your research and the outline ready, it will take around two-three hours for you to write a 5-paragraph essay. Just follow the outline. Resist all distractions during this process! You’ll want to call a friend, check Facebook, or go out for a run. Don’t do it. Stay committed.

       Edit! You have to make your essay as close to perfect as possible if you want a good grade.

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